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Jefferson Spring 2021 April 23-25

Started by RiverRaider, April 17, 2021, 07:07:35 AM

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44th Annual Spring Jefferson Wisconsin Auto Swap Meet & Car Show April 23-25 is less than a week away.  If you can make it to the show stop by our spot and say hello.
White field WA 141-146    This is an all makes show.  The website for the show is  This is a diggers swap meet you really have to look close in each spot.
It seams like some of the best stuff is still on the trailer or in the back of a truck.
My first Charger was a Stock Car.


Jefferson was dry and dusty for the most part, only one afternoon had very light rain which dried up quickly and there were a lot of people this year.  Several cool parts and few rare ones were located by some of the show attendees. The most asked about parts this year were for 68 Chargers.  Thanks to all who stopped by.  We always are there through Sunday but it seamed like a lot more venders also stayed there through Sunday.
My first Charger was a Stock Car.

Kern Dog

Approximately how many show cars and how many swap meet vendors did you have?


You either attend or vend and I was busy vending at the show so I did not get out to look at everything at the car show part and only checked out the gassers and some of the cars for sale.
Normally it is over 3100 spots but they limited the vendors spots to 70%.  Not sure of the actual vendor count maybe 2000.  Also not sure of the car show or corral count.
It was a busy show.  Met a lot off great people and hopefully helped them with them their cars.  I did not get out in the swap area very often but there were a lot of deals but you have to look.  
The 69 dana 60 I got was on a trailer with plastic chevy pickup grills and gas pump parts and the hemi intake was on a GM spot with mostly 455 stuff.  A very cool black fastback charger drove
by my tent on Sunday and there was a Coronet R/T drag car for sale in the corral.    
Here are a couple YouTube videos posted by others:  Too bad they didn't focus on Mopars.

My first Charger was a Stock Car.