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"Roll on epoxy primers system"

Started by b5blue, January 30, 2021, 09:42:15 AM

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  Eastwood has a roller applied epoxy primer now.  :scratchchin: I'm thinking it's useful for us "shopless" driveway repairers. (To avoid spraying.) I used Eastwood's regular epoxy primer and it worked well for a novice.




You can roll, brush any primer. Its not going to hurt anything . The only challanges will be getting the desired film build . That will take considerably more time rolling than if it was sprayed.

You still need to wear a mask obviously but there is obviously no over spray which is a huge bonus for the drive way jobs !


roll on primer been around for years. when I went to PPG's paint training school here in Detroit 15 years ago they had us use it. This was the ultra violet heat lamp type, which i never use or liked.  Dried in like 10 minutes. LEON.