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69 Charger Dome Light Orientation

Started by mike337, August 27, 2021, 10:30:33 AM

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Dome light has been unsecured and hanging through my new headliner for over 10 years. Now finishing off all sorts of things in the interior and would like to know which way the dome light gets installed. Socket and wiring forward, or towards the rear of the car? I know where the wiring connects under the dash, but not the mounting direction of the actual dome light.



I think it depends on where it comes the harness against the attaching points of the dome light.
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There are two mounting holes in the dome light, and two existing screw holes in the metal rib that is under the headliner. There is also what feels to be a raised metal area to the rear of that metal rib which may be designed to support the body of the dome light.

For anyone with a B-Body, just let me know which direction forward/rear the bulb socket points.


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Think this is what you are asking
Bottom of the picture is front of the car
From my 69 Charger that has never been off the car
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Sorry this is the best i can come up with hope it helps