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1970 Numbers Matching 4-Speed R/T Charger Wanted

Started by CRW-FK5, September 17, 2021, 09:32:12 AM

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Inquiring for a friend.  Car would need to match the features stated in the subject line.  Also needs to be driver quality or better.  Looking for leads or anyone willing to sell.  Thanks.

Year 1970
Numbers Matching
Stock Appearance
Driver Quality or Better


I have 5 of them in my collection.  Prices starting at $120K
TX9 70 Charger RT: 6 pack, 4 speed, A33 Saddle interior, red stripe
EB7 70 Charger RT SE: PS, PB, PW, PSunroof, Defogger, Air, loaded
FC7 70 Charger RT: 440 4 speed, Dana, white longitudinal, black vinyl
EB5 70 Charger RT: 440 4 speed, Dana, B5 interior, white long stripe
EB5 70 Charger RT SE: V code 4speed A34, charcoal interior, loaded
F8 69 Charger: Power Sunroof Car
13 Duramax 2500HD: Tow Rig
17 Durango RT