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*REBUILT* 1970 *WIDE MOUTH* Kelsey Hayes Disc Brake Caliper & Parts. SOLD

Started by hemi71x, September 17, 2021, 10:55:49 AM

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I made an executive decision to rebuild this caliper, and now put it up for sale, in rebuilt condition.

This is whats known as a 1970 "WIDE MOUTH" Kelsey Hayes disc brake caliper, that was a one year design, that was used on the 1970 B & E body line of cars, and possibly a very early build 71, until the supply of these calipers was used up on the assembly line.

This is a RIGHT side, passengers side caliper, with calipers towards the front of the vehicle.

This caliper has the correct positioner pins, positioners, anti rattle spring, except for one "positioner" which is a replacement 1971 up, style.
Suspect that one got replaced the first time that this caliper got a brake job in it's lifetime.
Just letting you know about that.

You also get the caliper mount, to the spindle, and the old pads that i got along with this caliper, for you to match up, when you purchase pads of whatever brand that you prefer.

Date code on the caliper is 117 0
April 27, 1970

Everything was scrubbed clean in the solvent tank, soaked out in a 5 gallon pail of Evaporust, painted with VHT high heat paint, cast iron grey.

I only have this one caliper.
Don't ask about the other side.
Wish i did have it's mate.
Only could find this one, in a stash of parts, in an old barn.

Selling everything at $300.00, plus $22.00 for the mailman, in an insured package, and signature delivery.

Serious buyers, send me a pm thru this forum, and i will get back with you.
Thank's a lot.
Jim V.

RF-4C Phantom 69-370 Zweibrucken, Germany


RF-4C Phantom 69-370 Zweibrucken, Germany