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NOS GE Hi Beam Headlights Chargers, Charger 500!

Started by Mopar John, September 23, 2021, 03:36:37 PM

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Mopar John

 I have sold my cars that would use these NOS GE Hi Beam headlights.
They are what are called the "WIDE FLUTE" pattern and can be spotted a mile away!
I bought most of these a long time ago for restorations and spares.
Here is a list of date codes available left to right in my picture:
2-8 4001 no box
9-8 4001 no box perfect for Charger 500's
8-9 4001 has box
8-9 4001 has box this one and the one above make a nice pair for an early build 1970 Charger!

I also have just one very nice used 4002 Lo Beam headlight pictured at the front no box ( SOLD! ).
All these lights have been tested and work!
The price on these are $50.00 each plus shipping.
If you interested contact me at: with your zip.
Thanks! John