WTB 1969 Charger in good shape, Cash buyer, in Houston

Started by mudduk, November 22, 2021, 05:05:46 PM

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I'm newly retired and new to this Mopar biz but am seeking a nice '69 Charger, preferably without rust and in great shape ...

I have preferences, such as:  No vinyl top, one of the better engines, and etc..

But mostly, I just want to get one and I know they go fast.  Lots of scammers online I have learned.  I have a real budget, and don't want a project.  Looks to me like we are all stuck waiting months or more for work unless you do it yourself, and I am not quite that handy just yet to build up as a project.  I think if time and money allow, later on I may try to swap a modern engine/trans into there if I can get a slot at one of the metro-Houston based mod shops.  But for now I just wanna find one, legit, and am ready to do a deal if and when a bona-fide car for honest sale shows up in my way....

SO please send any tips my way if you know of one, have one, or etc.  I am a LE and military vet.  The car will be driven, not just stuck in a garage. 

That's my deal, thanx all...

Dave Ferrell


A little more info might help. Budget? Automatic or manual? Distance? Numbers matching? Boil it down and that will narrow your search.

70 sublime

New to Mopar ?

I hope you are prepared for sticker shock

$40 to $60 K  to spend to get good shape and no rust and a big block ?
current project 69 Charger Daytona clone F6 green
next project 70 Charger FJ5 green


I have a 70 Charger R/T clone with a 63 426 wedge 4-speed. Never, ever any rust or accidents. Red with a 68 black interior. PW. PS, PB. Cruise control  posi track. 60K  Ready to show and go. I have owned it for 37 years. 913-634-1785. Not a original big block car.


He already picked one up. 69 R/T

Read about it on FBBO