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Wind noise

Started by 469 runner, April 27, 2022, 02:12:21 PM

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469 runner

My 1968 Charger makes so much wind noise from the vent windows.  All new weatherstripping, door and windows all properly adjusted. Used strip caulk under weatherstripping to tighten seal against the vent frame. Paper pulls through with a fair amount of resistance.  No water leaks.  I know I can't expect a car of this era to be as quiet as our newer vehicles, but the noise is really annoying.  Has anyone found anything that can make this area quieter?


Check the vent frame to door opening seal.  :scratchchin: Are the pivots tight? 

Kern Dog

I started a thread about this at FBBO. The A pillar and drip rail trim is one source of the noise. The 1969 Charger 500, Daytona and Plymouth Superbird all used those big deflectors there to smooth out the airflow. I've considered doing something similar.

70 sublime

Have you tried to open the vent window just a crack to see if the noise changes

My car is noisy also and this seems to help
next project 70 Charger FJ5 green