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68 Charger R/T Factory A/C Car

Started by Offblue, May 25, 2022, 02:31:32 PM

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Hey gents, me again.

Decided to tackle some more work under the dash this week, routing wires cleanly, glove box install, but mainly the defrost vents down to the heater box. Due to the car being mostly gutted I don't know how much of the A/C interior accessories came in the car. Just trying to find out what I'm missing.

How does the dash orient in R/T models? Did it come with the Central dash pad venting, or with the driver and passenger side vents?

I've gone through a bunch of threads on here of guys converting/cutting their dash's up to accommodate Classic Auto Air Kits or Vintage Air Kits but so far nothing on how it originally runs. Any help would be appreciated. A diagram would be killer haha.

Just 6T9 CHGR

AC equipped cars came with a completely different metal dash frame which has the cut outs for the driver & passenger side vents.  The center pad is also different to accommodate the center vent assy and associated duct work...
Chris' '69 Charger R/T


That's what's bothering me, the dash doesn't have cutouts for the side vents and the center pad looks original to the rest of the dash but without the vent as well, but then again I'm the third owner in over 45 years.
I'm wondering if they replaced the dash at one point, although the original paint matches the rest of the car so I really don't know. The box under the dash is equipped for A/C (i rebuilt it last year, core tested, painted and reinsulated) and the firewall has not been modified at all.
The front of the engine does show signs of having a compressor mounted to it at one point and all the pulleys match, minus the alternator mount being modified. The location for the lines and reservoir are also noticeable.
The vent controls under the dash pad are also all there, 7 sliders in total.
Even the original A/C stamping on the passenger quarter glass says A/C equipped haha.

Everything points to yes but the dash.