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Windshield and rear glass stainless trim clips Gen 2 Charger

Started by 69hemibeep, June 24, 2022, 07:23:13 PM

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Am I right in my thinking that the rear glass gets all short clips and the windshield is long on the bottom short on the sides and top?


It all depends on the year.  The earlier built 68 Chargers prior to January 1, 1968 used the longer style clips on the cowl.  Later model 68's and 69's used the more common style of equal size.  The 70 year model used a shorter style for the A-Pillar locations.  To my knowledge, nobody has reproduced the shorter style as everyone just sells the same kit for the mid year production 68 models, 69 models and 70 model B-Bodies.  For the rears, no change between the model years that I am familiar with.
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