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Has this ever happened to you

Started by AmadeusCharger500, June 15, 2022, 04:57:59 PM

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Neighbor car was left to drift across street backward. Fortunately for me they were honest and paid for it. The odd blessing is that I can replace the quarter panel, with the money they paid, which needed rust repair anyway.

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Glad they were nice about it even though it does suck
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At least it worked out in your favor


Thanks God AMD got them made now!

Talking about timming!
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Has almost happened to me, I really try not to park any car on the road if can be helped.

At least you came out ahead on it.
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I really did come out ahead on this one. I was super bu,med when it first happened. But now I've rekindled an old Aquaintance and now friendship with a local body guy who has semi retired. He lets me visit and ask questions about his technique, tools, and b.s.  It's really wonderful. I'm out the cost of the repair panel but so what, I was going to replace it eventually. The only thing is I keep forgetting to take photos!

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I hope it all works out.
I had a similar incident. I was stopped by a cop for some traffic infraction and as I was leaving.....hanging a 3 point turn on a residential street, some ditzy broad started her car and shifted to reverse instead of drive and backed into me......


Have not experienced that ^  I did however have the unfortunate experience of a guy plowing into me while I was stopped at a light.

His response-  "I wasn't paying attention".    Thanks for the honesty but I figured that one out on my own  :lol:

Really I guess I could say the same as far as blessing in disguise as the entire car was repainted better than it ever was.

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Kid texting rear ended me at about 60. Totalled!!