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Vacuum lines

Started by branded, December 23, 2022, 05:15:49 PM

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I'm getting ready to put in the vacuum lines under the hood of my 73 Charger SE and need some help.  Does anyone have photos of where all the vacuum lines go on a 400 hp engine with A/C?  It has been a while since I took these off and the photos I have aren't that great.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


From the manifold vacuum tree just two vacuum lines. The one to the brake booster, and the one to the A/C actuators which goes throught a grommet between booster and inner fender. Same gromet than the heater valve wire.

If Cruise control, the vacuum check valve provides the vacuum source for it, on the small tee the check valve gets

Carburetor… well… front side is a bit harder to explain, however the rear unported ones are easier. One to the air cleaner actuators setup and the other one to the choke pull off actuator.

The air cleaner gets two lines running underneath it, so the vacuum line coming from carb gets a T conector. One to the temp sensor mounted on cleaner (either one) and the other one to the passenger side actuator. Driver side actuator gets the line from temp sensor (the other tee)
Venezuelan RT 74 400 4bbl, 727, 8.75 3.23 open. Now stroked with 440 crank and 3.55 SG. Here is the History and how is actually:,7603.0/all.html,25060.0.html


Thank you both for the info!  I believe I can get this done using both inputs!   :2thumbs: