72 charger radiator question

Started by boardog, December 27, 2022, 08:27:40 PM

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i want to start off by saying this forum is a great source of info and thanks for letting me join. i am helping a friend of mine restore his 72 charger and have run into an issue with the radiator. i think he ordered the wrong size. today i laid it in the core support and its too narrow. the car was originally a 318 auto and i have installed a 440 and a 4 speed. as usual i have had numerous issues with parts not fitting right. did the 72 charger come with 2 different radiator widths? who make a bolt in aluminum radiator? he also purchased a set of hooker long tube headers part # 5111 hkr which are correct for this car and engine. passenger when in fine, drivers side not so good. torsion bar needs to move inward about 1.5 inches to go into the lca. no way it will work. called hooker and got the run around. they said that part # has been discontinued. he just bought these 3 months ago. now i have to remove them send them back for a refund. the new in stock header looks nothing like the driver side header i have. any info is appreciated.

sorry, i did not realize my pics were rotated.

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If the car had air conditioning it would have had the wider rad from the factory
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My '72 318 is an original A/C car and it came with the larger 26 in rad.
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