totally confused on my automatic

Started by nchrome, January 05, 2023, 12:36:31 PM

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l know this will sound really off the wall. Bur l'm having trouble hooking up a floor shift to my column shift trans anyone have a couple pictures of under the car where the floor shift shaft and the trans lever hook up.  Cause every time l hook up the levers l can only get a couple gears. And yes l ordered the proper rod for the trans lever to the shifter rod but it just wont travel the proper distance for  park to first.The geometry l think is rite as far as the shifter to the rod to the trans. But something is wrong and l just can't quite figure it out. Does the adjuster go on the trans lever  or is it reversed. Does this rod curve out or in close to the trans.


Sometimes the column shift lever is different than the console shift, column lever is usually straight while the console lever is usually angled.
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