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crank - no start

Started by euroZ06, January 18, 2023, 07:24:22 PM

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Hi all ,

So im dealing with something that should be simple, but I'm not exactly sure how to fix it. 68 Charger 383 with MSD ignition.

Long story: I was accepted to a fancy car show, and the day before, I went to wash the car and the car wouldn't start. I started checking everything, only to find I wasn't getting a spark. So I figured either my MSD ignition box was fried or MSD ignition coil. I went out and bought a new system, but same result. The new MSD box has an LED light that lights up when the ignition is on and should be flashing when cranking, and I noticed that the light goes out when cranking, which means it gets the power to turn on when ACC is on, but once I start cranking, the box is no longer powered. To get to the car show, I hotwired the box directly to the battery, and the car started and ran no problem. So upon returning home, I started checking, and this is what I have:

I have a new alternator with a built-in ballast, so the one on the firewall isn't used. The system was wired to receive the 12V ACC from the blue/white and brown wire that are connected together (my understanding its ignition wires that used to go to the ballast). That same wire where I used to get my 12v also runs to the alternator (also connected to the ignition wires). I checked my firewall connections (took out the connector, cleaned it up a bit, nothing jumps at me to be wrong/old). When I put ACC, I'm getting 12V at the blue/white wire and 0v at the brown wire. Once I start cranking, both blue/white and brown wire are only getting 4v (which isn't enough to power the ignition box). So the question is: where did I lose the voltage? Is it possible some ground wire is bad? where would ground wires be for this (ground at battery is ok, I can hotwire the ignition box to the battery and everything works just fine)?

One curve ball, but not sure if relevant. I recently put in a high amp alternator (direct replacement for my old alternator, but old alternator wasn't high amp). This alternator doesn't seem to work well (lights dim/fluctuate when at idile/low rpms). I already spoke to the manufacturer and sent them my old alternator to be upgraded to dual pulley. Since I have a wire from ignition wiring running to the alternator (same wire feeding the ignition box), could the alternator be doing some weird draw of power when I'm cranking? Should I somehow disconnect the wire running to the alternator to eliminate it as the cause? i don't want to burn anything up by disconnecting the wires lol.

I have some pictures of all this on (not sure if allowed to post)
68 charger, 383, 727, 3.55


My doin the opposite after it being wired with msd. Found out it's blowing ignition fuse but not sure why however I did call msd and they said only use battery for power not alternator and any kind of resister will not give it a constant 12 volts my resto shop has given me a lot of headaches but best of luck!