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To Port or Not to Port

Started by Dano 1, January 19, 2023, 04:29:38 PM

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Dano 1

I'm picking up a set of 452 head castings that the current owner had tuned up with a cleanup decking, 2.15/1.81 intake/exhaust valves with a 3-angle job, new guides etc. but no port work. My current 346 heads are pretty tired (pitted seats, loose guides etc.) so when these popped up for cheap I snagged them.

My question is, is it worth porting these to make better use of the bigger valves or will I not see enough gains on the street to justify the time or cost. I've never ported before but I'd consider doing a basic job myself. I imagine to have a shop do even a basic 'cleanup' or pocket port and gasket match would be pretty expensive even if the rest of the work has been done.

Current engine combo is a very mild 1971 440:

Stock pistons, rods, crank etc.
Melling MTD2 'rv' cam
Exhaust duration @0.050: 214
Exhaust lift: .443in
Intake duration @0.050: 204
Intake lift: .421in
Edelbrock CH4B intake
Holley 750 vacuum secondary
1-3/4" primary headers

The main reason I picked up these heads is because they were just 'gone through' and are cheap. The bigger valves were just gravy assuming I don't actually lose performance due to a drop in velocity. Thoughts? Thanks!
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If you have the tools to disassemble the heads, then I would go for it.  Even just some light bowl blending and casting clean up would compliment the bigger valves !

Mike DC

Agreed.  Don't pay somebody else to do it.  But if you want to do it yourself, those heads sound like a good case for it.  The lowest-hanging fruit is opening up a set of stock castings.  

Working on iron heads is slow & tedious, though.  Don't get too ambitious & perfectionist on the first cylinder - you gotta repeat that job 7 more times.