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Door Lock operations

Started by Gregory, January 03, 2024, 12:15:04 PM

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I posted this on an old thread on interior discussion, but hoping I might get a reply here as well.

Question: I have put together the inners of the passenger door and everything seems to be working okay EXCEPT when I lock the door and pull the inside handle to open the door it stays locked. I've never owned one of these cars all put together and this is my first time putting a 69 charger together. When the passenger (or driver) door is locked (on a 69), either with the key or by depressing the lock rod inside the car, will the car automatically unlock when you pull the inside door handle? As in, will the door automatically unlock when the lever to open the door from the inside is pulled.

NOTE: I have a spare door complete, 100% stock, never taken apart, driver side door from a 70 charger and it does this function, when the door is locked, pulling the inside handle will pop the door lock up and unlock the door and allow the door to open.

The doors I have on my car are original to my car, I didn't take apart the doors and locks.

Thank you.

70 sublime

I think the driver door works different then pass side door
The driver door will not lock by pushing the button down and closing it to keep you from locking your keys in the car

My car is apart right now also but I seem to remember this being a thing
next project 70 Charger FJ5 green


They don't, I went through this with the buyer of my Charger. The last poster is correct in that the lock pops up when you close the doors to prevent locking the keys in.


Thank you! I've been going crazy trying to figure out how it would work.

No more head scratching. Thanks again. Glad I'm not going crazy.


I haven't started on the driver door yet, but the inner latches and workings look exactly like the passenger. I will say the inner latch on the 70 door I have is different than the 69 inner latch.

This must have been a change from 69 to 70 I'm guessing. Glad I don't need to buy anything to fix anything.


I just checked my 70 Charger and on the driver's side it will unlock the door by pulling the inside handle but not on the passenger's side.

It's quite annoying having to use the key to lock the car every time you get out.
I may install central locking if I can find a decent kit.
Gotta love a '69