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1972 Dodge Charger SE VIN WP29G2A157895

Started by Daytona R/T SE, January 20, 2024, 05:47:30 PM

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Daytona R/T SE

Just posting this in hopes the car still exists.

1972 Dodge Charger SE VIN WP29G2A157895

I was going through some boxes today and found some old insurance papers with the VIN.

I had this car from 1982 to maybe 1988  :shruggy:

It was Petty blue/Basin Street blue/Super blue-whatever the correct name for that color is.

Aluminum slots on it, jacked up in the back.

I can't remember if the side pipes were still on it, but I had drilled mounting holes in the rocker panel pinch welds.

SE 318 car with black top and black buckets/console/slapstick interior and a 440 I put in it out of a '72 Imperial.

I sold it because I was stupid.

The knuckle dragging, inbred, brown toothed, lazy eyed, refugee from trailer park sister humping moron I sold it to wrecked it a few weeks after he got it, pushed the back bumper on the driver's side forward quite a bit.

He did a red neck repair job on it which apparently involved a tractor and a tree and then sold it to some poor sucker.

A few years later I saw what I think was it in one of those auto trader magazines for sale, in the pictures it looked like it was repaired OK. :shruggy:

This was in Illinois about '92 or '93  :shruggy:

I'd consider buying it back if it still exists. :scratchchin:


Good luck Chris. Had a 72 SE a few years back but was shit brown.

Daytona R/T SE

Quote from: purple70rt on February 23, 2024, 12:19:54 AMGood luck Chris. Had a 72 SE a few years back but was shit brown.

Thanks, Dale.  :cheers:

I think I remember you telling me about your brown car.

I do have another 72 SE out there in my "new" garage where I keep most of my shattered dreams and lifelong disappointments, but I thought it might be worth a shot to see if my original SE is still around, somewhere. :shruggy:

See you at The Mopar blast in May.  :coolgleamA: