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top of door crome

Started by mikej678, July 07, 2006, 09:22:41 PM

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I need some help. I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the clips that holds the chrome strip to the top of the door. I can't remember what they look like. It's a 69 Charger.



The clips you're referring to are similar to the ones in the first pic here.  The second pic is one I found from inside my door, hopefully you can make something out in the blow-up insets.  This is from the D.S. door, you can see the hole for the mirror there for position reference.  My 68 has a 69 door on the passenger side so I can confirm that these clips are the same on both years.  Hope this helps...


Thank you. I had those in a bag labeled door chrome but I thought I was confused when I labeled it.

Thanks again,