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Installing new window felts?

Started by Recharger, July 12, 2006, 10:55:51 PM

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Has anyone out there successfully installed the rear inner catwhisker/window felts?  I'm referring to the ones that are attached directly to the upper door pads.  It appears the originals were stapled on with some sort of heavy duty stapler   :shruggy:   I don't have a stapler strong enough to punch through metal, so any installation tips would be appreciated before I tear my old ones apart.  Would you suggest some sort of rivets or would glue work??   ???


selftaping screws... normally the kits come with the screws that you need on a plastic bag.
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Thanks Nacho.    I just checked, but no little screws were included with the felts...  I guess I'll have to run to the hardware store to look for some tiny ones.  Anyone else out there have any other tips/methods?