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So, I go to get some interior paint mixed

Started by JimShine, August 30, 2006, 04:56:35 PM

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I have the code in hand, ready to order a pint of 1969 Dodge Buckskin tan. The response "Sorry, we can't mix that for you as it is a lacquer, and lacquer is illegal in this state". I asked why it was okay to sell lacquer in the spray bombs (they had an isle full of it), was told it comes all mixed, so the law treats it differently. There was no cross reference on their computer, so he says "Bring in a sample and I will find a match in the vinyl dye". I need the stuff yesterday, so I figured I would go with the dye for now.

I come back with an ashtray as a sample. He finds the closest match and mixes the dye. I ask if its ready to spray, "Yeah, its ready to go. It is lacquer, so no need for hardeners or anything". He noticed the look on my face and blurts "Well, its a different system and we are in the process of phasing it out anyway. This will likely be the last batch". Yeah, thanks!