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Rocker trim pieces, How do you remove them?

Started by Lord Warlock, September 06, 2006, 05:38:26 PM

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Lord Warlock

I have the aluminum trim panels below the doors between the wheel openings (as well as the chrome wheel trim) and don't see any nuts in the panel behind them.  Are these held on with clips or are they screwed on and I'm just missing the nuts?  What is the best way to remove them?  I don't want to bend them taking them off since they are in great shape still, but have to inspect behind them as well as prep the area for a new paint job.  I don't see any rust on either side so don't expect to see any major surprise there, but still have to get them off before painting. 

Also is there a secret to getting the wheelwell trim off?  I know it has a bolt and screws around the lip but the screws have all corroded over so the phillips head screwdriver won't work.  I have the right side loose already but did it a few years ago and gave up since i'd have to remove the wheels to get them off comletely.  Is there a preferred way to polish the small rust pitting on the chrome trim, i.e steel wool, dremel, or what?  I'd prefer not to replace it, but will if necessary if i can find a good source with a perfect fit.  I plan on getting a polishing/buffing grinder in the near future since i have exensive polishing to do on all the vinyl top chrome. 
69 RT/SE Y3 cream yellow w/tan vinyl top and black r/t stripe. non matching 440/375, 3:23, Column shift auto w/buddy seat, tan interior, am/fm w/fr to back fade, Now wears 17" magnum 500 rims and Nitto tires. Fresh repaint, new interior, new wheels and tires.