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Started by 451-74Charger, September 15, 2006, 09:05:57 AM

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Anyone catch Muscle Car on Speed today or last night?
It was all about Wing cars (Ie. Daytona and Superbird). But it seams they didnt Quite get thier facts right......
Wasnt the superbird based on Belvedere front sheetmetal, not Coronet?


I diddn't catch it last night but I have seen that program on speed.
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Although I haven't seen the Speed Channel's show, it sounds like they got at least that one detail right.  'Birds did get their front clip sheet metal essentially from a Coronet.  IIRC they did so because the Coronet fenders were a little more aerodynamic and lent themselves better for the nosecone attachment than Belvedere fenders & hoods.

I think I remember reading where they initially tried to slap the Daytona's front end (a '70 Charger derivative) and nosecone on the Belvedere chassis, and it looked horrible.


 :musik010: I know you'd know the real answers.
On a side note....
I have the opertunity to view an Urban myth, and validate it, in the next few days.
On the old site I mentioned about a guy with some Hemi parts and at least 1 wing car. I have his number, address, and his former GF has paved the way for me to call him and see if I can see the car/s in person.

I will keep you posted as to whether it is a myth or fact


I recorded it last night. I liked that black Daytona of Johns w/a Hemi and red tail. I can't wait to get my clone drivable now. Another 3 or 4 years.
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They definitely used the 70 Coronet fenders, but what many people, even many superbird owners don't realize is that the coronet fenders are altered at the top at the front edge. There is a small piece of steel added to raise the peak up to align more smoothly with the nose. It's obvious that the lower flap has been altered to install the extension (valance on daytonas), but the top alteration is not so obvious. Last year at the Topeka mopar show, I had to prove to a guy that was an original owner of a bird that this conversion was necessary. He was surprised when I took him over to a swap meet space and showed him the difference.
I still haven't gotten a set of coronet fenders for my bird clone. Every time I see a set at a swap meet, I always figure that I can get a better deal late in the day and it never fails, someone always buys them before I get a chance. I may have to just pay the price. I just keep thinking of all of the fenders that I could have had all of these years for practically nothing. Right now I would trade a nice repro daytona trunk lid straight across for a pair of nice rust free 70 coronet fenders.

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terrible one

I caught it WAY early this morning. It was great to wake up and see a Daytona running down the track!


I missed it this time, but I did see the episode a few years back.

Hmmmm, validating urban myths huh? Isn't there a show about that on cable? only kidding.

Any new leads on wing cars are always good leads in my opinion.

At the Monster Mopar I was talking to a Superbird owner, and made mention to him that I want a wing car. He said he'd sell me a Superbird. I told him I didn't want a wing car with mix matched parts. I wanted all Dodge, not Plymouth with a dodge dog house.


Huhhhhh, I want a superbird. Did you get his phone number?  ;D
Maybe he would like to have my hemi chal convert.

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
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Quote from: 69_500 on September 15, 2006, 06:09:09 PM
I told him I didn't want a wing car with mix matched parts. I wanted all Dodge, not Plymouth with a dodge dog house.

Ouch... That'll leave a mark... :icon_smile_blackeye:


Ah its just my opinion. No hate for the Bird lovers  :pity:

Its just not the same as a Daytona.


you lucky bastards in the east, i had 2 wake up at 6am just 2 tape it this mornin as i know it wont be on t.v. for awhile after this, so at 5:50am i was down in my living room ready 2 record it-MATT(they kinda waste time talking about the ''1st aero cars'' those 50's coupes)