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What's the easiest way to hookup the door/lock handle links?

Started by WH23G3G, September 17, 2006, 06:18:02 PM

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I'm trying to get my door back on the car. But I cannot figure out how to hook the door/handle/lock cylinder links correcty and in which order. I figured the 73 body manual would offer some help, but the illustrations are so horrible. I've ordered a 73 parts catalog, hopefully when it gets here it will have more exploded views of the door mechanisms. I'm trying to determine which link connects to one hole, and I could not photograph it before I removed it because I couldn't get a good shot. And that is another problem, I can't see what I'm doing really. How do youll get yours hooked up?


I'm not sure how the door handle mechanism on the 73 works, but I can tell you when I installed the handle and locking cylider in my 68 Charger it was'nt that hard after all. I'm not sure about yours, but have the door panel off and the window glass up all the way. Then you can get to that area. I'm sorry I can't give you details about this since I don't know much about 73's. There are other members here that are very helpful and own 73.  I think Nacho is pretty good with third gen Chargers.
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There is nothing easy about doing this. I've had to do this several times with my 3rd gen Chargers. I'll check my 71 parts catalog to see if it's of any help.
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