Stripping paint from Front Clip

Started by shawnmd, September 19, 2006, 06:57:17 AM

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I am about to start stripping the paint from my front fenders and engine bay.  The reason is that the paint in this area has gone bubbly and we have determined it to be bad primer in that area.  SSOoo, it all needs to come off right down to the metal before the car is painted again.

It was suggested to me to use aircraft paint stripper and scrape it off.  I also thought of using a drill and the 3M paint stripper

In your experience what is the easiest and fastest way to remove the paint to the metal?

terrible one

I've had pretty good experiences with the Aircraft Stripper, but it never gets it all and then you have to go back after it to finish stripping the metal.

The 3M paint stripper flap wheel hasn't worked out well for me, plus the area that it can strip at a time is very small. If you are stripping the entire front clip, and want to go with a drill or air tool like that, I would go with a rotary sanding disk or something like that.


pay to have it soda blasted , don't waste your time with paint stripper . I restore 3 muscle cars a year and have never used paint stripper ! I sandblast , but if the car is together have it soda blasted and move on to a real dilemma , world peace !


Yep, just tried the paint stripper.  $%^&* horrible..  It removed part of the last base /clear but would not go near the original paint and primer...Even after mutliple tries in the same area.  So I am going with the 3M paint stripper wheels.  I am also going to call around to price getting it blasted..  There may not even be a business that does it around here.

What is the difference in soda blasting and sand blasting?  Different material?  Does it warp the metal?


soda , will not warp metal , on the other hand sand will warp any flat body panel like , hood or decklid or roof . I sandblast all the time , I just use low pressure in those areas . Go to harbor freight and buy a pressure pot sandblaster and 300 pounds of triple o sand . Once set-up is done the job will take less time than going back and force with e-mail !