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no parking lights/instrument lights.

Started by f16fxr4real, December 30, 2006, 04:41:57 PM

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Nearly done rewiring a 73 with the rallye package. We can't get the parking lights/ instrument lights to work. The turn signals, head lights, hazards, taillights,  dome light, bright headlights are all working. The guy that had the car previously hacked a lot of stuff out. The column has been rebuilt/rewired, new forward lighting harness, new dash harness, new dash to rear harness. The only harness not replaced basically was the actual taillight harness. It was the only one that looked good enough to keep. I've tried looking through the wiring diagrams and think I have checked everything. A lot of wires that weren't in the car when I started are there now. Any ideas of what else to check. I had the dash all put back in and it is now back out to troubleshoot any further. Thanks for any input.



I read through some other posts on here and checked the cigarette lighter fuse. It was bad so now I have all lights with the only exception being the instrument panel.  It blows the 5 amp fuse everytime. I guess I'll be unhooking things until I find the culprit unless anyone has some ideas.


thats the best way- one wire is shorting out somewhere- check also the wire that goes to the console if you have a automatic.

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Lightning net is protected by 2 fuses... one 20 amps BEFORE light swithc that feeds everything, cluster included, and one fuse, THAT 5 AMPS ONE, BEFORE the switch.

As far I can recall, Beams are the only lights that are feed directly, without fuse. Lights switch  has 2 power inputs, one direct source from the ammeter wiring and the other one from fuse box ( stated ).

The fuse that would protect the beams net would be the main fuse link coming from batt.
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