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Need new gas tank

Started by 1973ChargerSE, December 30, 2006, 07:36:38 PM

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Hi everybody!  I am in need of a new gas tank for my 73, but I am unsure where to buy it from.  I've seen them anywhere from $150-$300. I'm not sure if these are all the same tank with different mark-ups, or if they are different qualities?  I don't want to get a "cheap" tank and have to replace it again anytime soon, so any suggestions would be great!




i'm gonna guess it's pretty much the same manufacturer with different markups.  If i'm wrong someone will let me know.

e-bay is probably your best bet to get a good deal, but i did stumble across this site and learned that the tanks differ from 71-73.   $219 on this site.

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$259 - Year One. I was looking for one for a 74. I'm not sure what the difference is.


Now is see the difference. About $230 more than one for a 73.  :icon_bs: :cussing:


Thanks guys.  I think I'll go with Quanta Products.