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blowing away chameleon flip paint?

Started by jordyjim, February 11, 2007, 08:22:12 AM

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 i have just done my first flip job this morning,its really easy, 2 coats of black, 3 flip, 3 lacquer..done!. looking at it now im thinking      if he has a mishap and scuffs a panel  i wont need to blow it away into the next panel? like i do with mettallics as it changes colour anyway,am i right can anyone confirm this for me please...jim


JORDJIM, When I was working at Mascotech (a.k.a. MSX a.k.a. Creative Industries that did the superbirds & daytonas) in Detroit. I had to paint The PPG Pace car Sebering Convertible. This car was painted Cyan to Purple flip flop. This car/color flips abouts 6-7 different colors, not the usual 2-3. Seems the cars was at Ceasars Palace or somewhere in Las Vegas on a Turn table when it had a mishap. Like something falling onto the car & putting big dent in 1/4 panel. This was way back in 1997 when this type of paint was new. Nobody wanted to paint the car because they thought to difficult. I volunteered & even though I was told I could Panel paint (no blend) I blended anyways to make sure. Then a year later I get a second chance since Indianapolis raceway was threatening lawsuite if their name was not removed from the PPG PACE CAR statement that was painted on the door. A new Stencil was made & doors repainted on every Pace Car we had. This second time around I did just Panel paint the Doors on this car & it did come out fine. No Problems & no apparent need to Blend. So in a nutshell I say Yeah, Panel Paint, Dont blend. Hope this helps? LEON.


thanks leon, wish all cars were in flip make my job easier, mind you at £400 a gallon it aint cheap whats that..about $800 better not spill any..jim


At the time I did that car only PPG had the paint, Top Secret material/formula & cost $4,000 a gallon at that time in 1997. I heard the paint had real gold & the same flip flop ink that is used on the new $20 bills & other Currency. Mainly the reason why so exspensive. Now every paint Manufacturer has this type of paint & since competition the Price has dropped more over the years but still exspensive. LEON.