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SEM's Interior Dye Questions:

Started by Captain D, June 04, 2007, 09:25:00 PM

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Captain D


A few weeks ago, I had some problems with the SEM color-coat working on repro armrest pads. And, it got me thinking...

I have repro door panels and repro seat covers for my 69' Charger that I purchased several months back. Seeing how they are repro, I got worried that the SEM product won't work on these repro door panels and seat covers (paint cracking, peeling off, ect.).

Has anyone used the SEM products on repro door panels and repro seat covers? If so, what was your experience? Positive? Negative? Please share...

Thank you for any responses,
Aaron D.

p.s. - I purchased my seat covers from:, and I purchased my door panels from:

Back N Black

I used the SEM Dye on my original seat covers with no problems? not sure if it is the same material as the repro. ones.
The door panels you bought on e-bay, how do you like them? fit and finish,quality? i was going to buy a set but not sure of the fit and quality.

Captain D

The door panels, from this particular ebay seller, are perfect. The construction seems to be very well made, both in the original design as well as the padding. I feel that they are worth the money spent, especially seeing how you get all four door panels. Shipping time was good as well. I ordered the "tan" color instead of the black.

Yeah, if anyone has any experiences in using the SEMS for repro seat covers & panels I'd love to hear about it.  All of my interior is tan, and it would look fine even if there is some variation in the color tan for my interior. But, I was kinda hoping that I could use the SEMS brand to have the interior all match with one single tan color from SEMS....



Factory interior colors never all matched from the Factory. I would not dye the seats if not necessary. LEON.