Installing an oil accumulator


Car is a 68 Charger 440 4-Speed

I purchased a Moroso 3 quart oil accumulator MOR-23900 and I am wondering if you folks have any advice on installing it:

I know a few members on the board have installed them on their cars, I saw in MoPar Action that NYCMille has one.  I first saw an accumulator used on the MoPar Action "Project Bold Beeper" April 2005.

Moroso's included instructions suggest that I plum the accumulator in AFTER the oil filter (which has a one way check valve) BEFORE entering the block.  As I understand it, this would require a remote oil filter adapter, but when the accumulator needs to do it's job it pushes the oil into the engine in the same manner as the oil pump does.

Now, in the MoPar Action article the accumulator is plumbed in to the back of the block where the oil pressure sending unit is located.  My understanding is when the accumulator needs to do it's job it will push oil into the engine through both oil galleys simultaneously.

Scroll all the way down on this link and you'll see another accumulator system I happened to come across installed in this manner and the factory oil passages:

Now I'd prefer if the main and rod bearings got the oil first, which it seems like they would if I followed Moroso's instructions, but I think that this second installation method would work too.  It seems to be good enough for Richard Ehrenberg S.A.E. so it should be good enough for me right?  Thanks for any help

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By the way, does any one know if Ford has an EOS equivalent.  Dodge and the Generic Motors dealerships don't have any

The accumulator should be plumbed in at the back of the block. There are 2 ports is for the sending unit and the other is normally plugged. Remove the plug on the unused port and use it for the accumulator.  :yesnod:


Thanks Ron.

Anyone run a remote oil filter set up?

Any advantage to using two rather than one filter?  I think I'll just keep the filter in the stock location with the accumulator hooked up as suggested.  Thanks again


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