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Author Topic: Wireless Speakers @ Radio Shack  (Read 3320 times)
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« on: December 21, 2007, 11:09:00 PM »

Okay, this isn't spam, it isn't an advertisement, & it's not a paid endorsement.  Cheesy

Earlier this year I bought an inexpensive wireless speaker set up from Radio Shack that turned out to be a pretty damn good deal. I know Radio Shack isn't the place to get top of the line audio equipment, but there are some really decent bargains once in awhile on certain items that are far from being the same junk you'll find in Wally-Mart. The wireless speakers I bought, Accurian brand, originally sold for somewhere between $149 & $199 per pair, but when I found them one day after lunch, I snagged them for $39 & couldn't believe it. I also got the transmitter for $29 which connects to your audio source, like a stereo or TV, so the receiver in the amplified speaker can get the signal.

I wanted to get another set up & give it to my Father for his TV, but the entire line of the Accurian wireless equipment has been discontinued. All that's available now, are the amplified speakers with built in receiver, & a receiver to hook up regular speakers to run off the transmitter that's no longer available. I looked at Radio Shack's website & they showed that certain stores have speakers in stock & marked down once again. This time, I found the same pair of speakers for $9.97 that I can add to my existing transmitter. Yes, $9.97 for 2 good speakers with a built in amp! I don't know offhand how powerful the amp is, but the speakers are rated for 50 watts. I bought the last 2 pairs in the store I went to.

I set up the original pair I bought in the kitchen/dining area, & connected the transmitter to the satellite TV so we can listen to music on Sirius Satellite radio. One of the new pairs I just set up in my bedroom upstairs where the computer is, & this weekend I may set the other new pair in my basement wood shop. I'm very tempted to go to one of the other Radio Shack stores tomorrow to get another pair to use them in the garage. The greatest thing about these speakers, aside from really clear sound, is that they're bookshelf, 2-way with a 5" woofer & 1" tweeter, & they have their own volume, bass, treble, balance, & power switch. The signal is transmitted through the AC electric wires in your house & can plug in anywhere.

If anyone else has this set up, you might want to pick up another pair or more, to add to the system. Even if you don't have a transmitter, getting a pair & disconnecting the amp to use them as regular speakers would work. You couldn't buy the speaker grilles on these things for $9.97.   lol

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