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pinholes found in floor, how to fix?

Started by 1BAD68, March 12, 2008, 09:40:39 AM

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I pulled my carpet and after hitting the floor with a drill and wire brush I found a few small pinholes on the passenger side front.
Whats a good way to fix?
I'm thinking of cleaning all the rust out and then welding up the pinholes then sealing with something like Por15.


You can try to weld them, but chances are the metal is fairly thin around these holes & you'll just blow them larger.
Try to weld first, couldn't hurt. If you find you're just blowing holes, then cut out the area & weld in a small patch.
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I've welded up small holes like that many times but you'll have to keep the heat range or amperage down low, about as low as it will go or you will blow holes through the thin metal. LEON. :scratchchin:


sometimes when mig welding gaps i clamp a piece of say 1/4 inch thick piece of copper behind the area,the steel weld
wont fuse to the copper and will fill the hole with out blowing through. the copper plate comes off cleanly most of
the time falling straight off provides a good heat sink to! great when youve cut a gap to wide as well
good luck mate. -harry


You need to cut out and add like a 6X6 patch or whatever size after you cut the rusty part out to do it right. Your not gonna have any luck welding those holes shut  :Twocents:
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 :iagree: i'm welding holes like that in my floor right now. best thing to do is make a new piece of sheet metal up and weld it in. plus i like doing it this way because it eliminates the pitted metal around it and gets replaced with new metal. not to mentin the pain in the ass quick tack welds to build up enough so it wont blow through.


You can weld that but it's pretty kinky and will take some patience.

If you want to do a no compromise resto then i'd say replace the pan ecause the area you have there is pretty thin.
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I believe por15 makes something just for holes like that. Its thicker than regular por15 so it will just fill up holes and area around it then you just paint/undercoat it.

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After looking at the ribs on the left of the picture they are pitted bad. I can't see the other areas but if most of it is like that I would replace the front floor pan on that side. Or cut out what you need to & piece and trim it to fit. To make it look factory you would have to use the whole piece unless it doesnt matter or you take time finishing your welds. I guess it depends on the kind of resto you are doing, you could just try to get most of the rust out and just cover it with some kind of filler or coating but that is just a short term fix.  :Twocents:
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Cut it out and butt weld in a new piece. Done.
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I would want to get inside of that frame rail for some prep and paint.  Mine were like that so I chose to replace the pans and found that it was a good thing as the rail did need attention.  These rails sometime rot from the inside out.