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1968 seat back lever knobs

Started by JimShine, October 10, 2005, 01:46:19 PM

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My January 1968 Charger drivers seat is shot (the tag inside the seat shows a December 28th 1967 build date). I sourced out an original seat in the same colors so I can swap rather than recover. I am noticing the seatback lever knobs are different. My stock ones have a very small little chrome knob with no set screw. The other seat has a larger area to grip that looks almost identical to my '69 seats, but differ in that there is no set screw. Anyone know when these knobs changed?

Dale The Bold

I noticed the same thing recently.  They look the same on the surface, but the '68 ones have to be yanked off and jammed back on.  The '69s require an allen wrench.  I just assumed it was a '68-'69 difference.  (My car had incorrect seats when I got it, so I'm of no help.
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Yup, they are hammered on or something. But the thing I am seeing is there are two types of 1968, the '69 style and a very small simple style that is just a little chrome cube.


The chrome knobs for the seat tilt forward have a small C-Clip type looking piece inside the knobs, if
those brake they will no longer hold unless you jerry rig something.

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Heres a pic of the allen screw seat knob on my 69
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