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What is the correct color carpet for the "tan" interior?

Started by timinator, October 12, 2005, 01:16:59 PM

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I have a '69 Charger with the "tan" interior. The color for the door panels and seats is "saddle". However, I need to find out the correct color name for the carpet. I want it to be the color in the attached photo. Paddock has "Saddle" but it's color in the picture is more of a dark, reddish tan which isn't correct. I called them and they said they also have "tan" and "fawn" as color options. They no longer provide color samples of carpet. Year One offers "light saddle" and "dark saddle".  Which is correct and does anybody have a photo of their carpet? If so, could you tell me where you got it and what the "color" is? The carpet in there now is house carpeting (nice!) so it's obviously not original. Thanks!


I have the same tan interior, i went with dark saddle first from year one. it was ok, then swicthed to light saddle from year one. The dark looked better so i will be switching back to the dark.


I bought a carpet set in "Dark saddle" and it looks like a bronze/brown with copperish/gold highlights. Not sure how accurate it is. There is a '69 Charger tan interior car at the junkyard I tried to get a remnant of carpet from, but it is so weather beaten its hard to tell what it originally looked like.


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