WARNING! DANGER! If you are or will run a flat tappet cam read this!!!

Started by AKcharger, July 03, 2008, 01:24:37 AM

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Yeah, I had my parts for a couple years or so before I actually put it all together. After the cam failure I ordered the exact same cam. The new instructions recommended their oil additive only.
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 I'm reading this just in time, as I my timing chain went and required replacement.  I have purchased a new Comp Cam for my 73 400(motorhome) to increase the lo end torque.  I smeared all the red grease on lobes bearings and was wondering, If I can use Lucas engine break in oil instead of Comp Cams oil.



I'd do EXACTLY what the cam manufacturer suggests...in this case I'd use both. Those first few minutes of a cams life are critical, ya' don't want to take a chance of damaging it, as you know it would be a real pain to have to dig back in and replace it...

Just think about this picture


Years ago I installed a 509 purple shaft.  I can't remember now and I've lost most of my paperwork but was that a flat tappet  cam? I broke it in with lots of Cam Lube. I wonder  if I should switch over to the VR1 20w50


Too bad my brother didn't talk to me before firing up his newly rebuilt Corvette engine. After rebuilding it himself he was using regular old engine oil when he fired it up for break-in. 20 minutes later he had a 350 bowtie boat anchor.


Thought I would stir up an old tread.

I've been using Mobil1  15w50 with 1/2 bottle of comp cams break in lube added at oil change and the other 1/2 added 2k miles or so latter. 

Considering Mobil1  0w40 , scored best film strength of any oil .  Mobil1 discourages additives.


I just lost a lobe on my cam, I was using Full Syn. Napa 10W30. I put in a Comp cam and lifters yesterday and I am running Total Rubia optima 1100 15W40. CI-4. I'll probably look for some additive too.



Don't know how accurate this arcticle is but

Interesting read about adding Zinc Additives to oil that already is high in zinc off the shelf

How adding the Zinc Additive changes the Wear characteristics of the oil itself

So maybe to much zinc can bee just as bad as not enough especially after breaking in the engine/cam



Update . I have been using Mobil 1 0w-40 European Formula for the last three years ( 12k. miles) 1100PPM zinc. Lunati Vodoo Hydraulic cam.  Change the oil once a year.