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Chrome Trim

Started by grdprx, August 13, 2008, 05:14:46 PM

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I got a bundle of chrome trim with my car when I bought it.  Need help identifying where it goes or what it is.

What parts are trimmed on the car?  68 Charger

I believe the wheel wells are, and the upper door along the roof rail.

Are the front and rear window trim 4 pieces each?

Any info would be great!


take pictures of the trim and post em up and the members on the site will tell you where everything goes. :cheers:
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I posted a thread just over a year ago that showed photos of all the stainless steel trim and where it goes.  It also covered what types of fasteners to use when installing it.

If I find it I'll bump it for you.


All righty then, got some pictures of my trim.  I was able to make an educated guess, but some of it is still a mystery.

These 4 pics I think I have pretty well sorted out.  Although I seem to be missing the bottom piece for the Rear Window.

On the Windshield, I seem to have 3 pieces for the sides.  Same goes for the door piece that goes along the little window.  Also seems that one of the drip rail pieces is bent to hell.  Any way of straightening that out?

Seems I'm missing another piece that curves up the back part of the window too.


These 2 pictures have me baffled.

Not sure where the first set goes.  Looks like they're supposed to screw in somewhere.

The second picture isn't chrome, but was with the rest of the stuff.  One piece is taged interior rear window.  Is that correct?

So, I don't suppose someone can just buy the lower trim piece for a rear window can they?

Thanks for the help!


The first set goes under the upper doorpads.

/Henrik Hansson
Sweden. Karlstad


So, does the rear window trim from a 4 door 69 Cornet fit?


Nope...Charger is specific.  68 to 70


Those four are interior trim pieces that seperate the upper and lower door panels.

Those top three attach under the rear quarter windows and then thats where the upper pad attaches
That long one on the bottom i think is the rear tail panel trim that attaches right underneath the deck lid


Thanks guys!

That pic really helped, thanks baullz.


Quote from: grdprx on August 23, 2008, 11:42:32 AM
Thanks guys!

That pic really helped, thanks baullz.

Hey no problem and I'm not sure what that long bottom piece is on that last pic its not the tail panel trim, on my '69 its comes to a point in the middle so not sure what that one is.


Ya, I think I found the piece that goes under the rear deck lid last night; with everything I'd emptied out of the trunk.  It looked like it came to a point in the center.

The tag on it says interior rear window, wasn't sure if it was top or bottom.  The interior is the last thing on my list to tackle, so I'll set it aside for now.