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Need help locating panels 1973 Charger

Started by FLG, November 21, 2008, 11:26:14 PM

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Hey guys gals,

Just need some help finding ALL the possibly body panels, trunk, floor...ect ANYTHING for my 73.

Im going with Tabco for quarters, AMD for the trunk floor and extensions along with the reinforcement brackets. Auto rust tech so i can repair my rear frame rails. All the other frame parts are fine.

What about front floor pans? Rockers? ALOT of the floor needs replacement.

Also behind the taillights, that panel is fine in alot of spots and has some issues but nothing major so im just going to fix it. But the lower parts where the bumper brackets would mount to is COMPLETELY shot. Any ideas? Or am i just going to need a parts car to fix that?

Im about to compile a list and start ordering things withing the next 2 weeks or so. I took a good look under the car and i honestly think im in over my head but i got alot of people for help and my cousin has a shop 2 blocks away so i should have all i need at my disposal.


I have a pair of nice original rear floor pans out of a 73 charger if you need them. I should have the panel were the bumpers attach too. Email me if your interested and I will send you pictures.