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'68 Charger Battery Tray

Started by hemiharv, February 18, 2009, 02:07:14 PM

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I'm restoring my engine compartment - does anyone know what color the battery tray should be - body color?  black?  Can't seem to find this info anywhere.  Thanks.

Mean 318

Mine was black but I my boss has a 69 Bee and that is body color.... never been painted, My 70 was blue under all the rust... i think body color!


Body color most likely as they did in 69 - Not sure if they blacked them out after like on some e-bodies but I doubt it.


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Body color, unless it's black then it's supposed to be body color, ;D



Okay, I appreciate everyone's help with the battery tray - couple more questions.  The braces for the battery tray - color?  Black or body color? 

And does anyone have any suggestions on the best procedure and paint to get a correct, black wrinkle finish on original 426 hemi valve covers?  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.