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such thing as a 1969 F3 Daytona?

Started by THE CHARGER PUNK, November 07, 2005, 03:29:43 PM

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Just 6T9 CHGR

heres a crappy pic of my car with rallies "back in the day"
Chris' '69 Charger R/T


I'll agree John's Daytona is absolutely stunning for a green Daytona. But then again there aren't many Daytona's that I don't care for. We do have video of John's car from this years Atlantic Mopar Nationals on our website at

I'll check out our photo's from that show but I know we usually shoot about 25-30 pictures of each car we do an interview with. So i'll see if we have any shots of the car with the hood down.


Today I found a primo retro office desk in an old warehouse that is F5, does that count for anything?   ;D


By the way Chris that is a great shot of Bill's Daytona as well.

I don't care for white cars all that much, but a white Daytona with red interior I do like.


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