1970 Charger again

Started by crj1968, September 26, 2015, 12:01:07 AM

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 I was on here for a while a couple years ago when I bought my first 70 Charger. Due to life I had to sell it, and now another 70 has appeared before me.

This one is a 500, the orig 383 and 727 are out, but are going back in soon. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to own another one. It bummed me out having to sell the last one. I am the 3rd owner,the guy I bought it from has owned it since 1973.  Yes the mud flaps will be staying.  ;)


Looks like a nice one :2thumbs:  Enjoy


Awesome :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:

Welcome back to Charger Land :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

tan top

Feel free to post any relevant picture you think we all might like to see in the threads below!

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Back in business. Well done.  :2thumbs:
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 :cheers: Nice find! :2thumbs: Be nice to see that in the garage!

Just 6T9 CHGR

Nice looking ride....more pics please!
Chris' '69 Charger R/T


Thanks all-  :cheers:

I am excited to get it on the road.  White with a dark green interior...kind of a weird combo, but works for me.

This picture is kind of cool- look at my friends house number.   :icon_smile_big:


Dual sport mirrors - nice!  Interior pics?
Mopar forever!


my 1968 was the same color combo when it was new. White with a dark green interior
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Quote from: Bronzedodge on September 26, 2015, 01:39:27 PM
Dual sport mirrors - nice!  Interior pics?

No pic, but dark green leather 6 way buckets and console all in pretty decent shape.


Getting closer- just need an exhaust and a radiator and it's on the road again.   :yesnod:

What you guys think of the black wheels? 


     :2thumbs:        are you going to run the dog dish hubcaps

  and 71 GA4  383 magnum  SE


On your wheel question I would definitely stay with factory wheels you had posted in the first part of the thread they look great on the 70 Charger, just my two cents.


Not sure on dog dishes.

The wheels that were on it were 14 x5.  I do have some 15" rallyes...  :scratchchin:


  and 71 GA4  383 magnum  SE