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Insurance Wanted

Started by 440mop, March 15, 2009, 04:50:41 AM

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I'm hoping that someone amongst the board members may be able to help me.
I want to bring my Daytona over for the reunion but am having trouble getting insurance cover for the trip; I have rung several companies and none of them are able to provide cover, as soon as I say I don't have an American drivers license and am a foreign national it all becomes impossible.
I have my original U.K. driving license and my New Zealand license, if I were hiring a car there would be no problem, but when I explain that I want to drive my own car within the 'States they can't help.
Does anyone know what options are available?.
I know this should probably be in the reunion thread but I thought it may get more exposure in the general threads.
440 4spd Daytona - Sold
Auckland New Zealand


Hmmm, this is interesting.  I wonder if your insurance company from home will cover the vehicle.  Surely they will cover the vehicle for international driving.  I know neither UK or New Zealand have boarders with the US, but Canada and Mexico do.... and people drive through those boarders everyday.  Surely they still have insurance coverage.  Check into that and let us know if you haven't already.

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I worked with a guy who had an International Driver's License. I don't know anything about it other than what he called it, but here is a website that may help.

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I have Hagerty Insurance on my Charger, I see they have an office in the UK.  Try calling them, hopefully they can help you out.

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 Thanks for the replys guys, my insurance company here won't cover me driving in the 'States, I've already asked them.
As my license is in English I don't think the International license will be an advantage as it mainly for translation.
Hagerty were one of the companies I contacted, as I had seen their name mentioned on the board previously, the lady on the phone ( in the 'States ) said they couldn't help; Perhaps I will give them another call and try to get someone who will at least look into the possibilities for me.
The other possibility is that the Automobile Association here has ties with the AAA in the U.S., I know the discounts work both ways, so maybe they will have some suggestions.
If anyone has any further ideas please please post them up here or PM me.
Thanks for your help
440 4spd Daytona - Sold
Auckland New Zealand


Hey John,

I'll call around and see if if I can find something for you.  I need you to answer a few questions first because this is what they will want to know...

I went back and looked and your posts about coming over.

Is that a real Daytona?
Approximate worth in U.S. $
Will you still be offloading in California and driving to Alabama and back?
How many days do you plan on driving here?

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Hi Phil, thanks for your offer of help!
Yes it is a genuine Daytona, it's the ex Cal-Gas Car.
I think it would need to have a value of U.S.$150,000 put on it just in case the worst should happen.There are plenty of photos of it here:

I still plan to get it shipped into L.A. and drive to the activities in Alabama then drive back to L.A. I think 14 days should cover it.
If I can't get the insurance sorted out then I will have to drive a rental all the way but where's the fun in that!
Thanks again
440 4spd Daytona - Sold
Auckland New Zealand


I love the smell of nitro in the morning.