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Can This Vega Hatch Be Used?

Started by Old Moparz, November 16, 2005, 04:07:33 PM

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Old Moparz

It's only an 1/18 scale dicast, but I couldn't help thinking that someone would try to use the hatch as a window plug to make an 1/18 scale Daytona clone.   :lol:

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Why not? An Exacto knife & some plastic welding & you've got a good Joe Dirt project car! :icon_smile_big:

The Aquamax...yes, this bike spent 2 nights underwater one weekend. (Not my doing), but it gained the name, and has since become pseudo-famous. :)

Old Moparz

I liked the crashed dicast car & bonsai tree website I found & posted, & there is a vendor at Carlisle that has a lot of "project" dicast cars & diaramas on display for sale. I don't have the time to do these things, but it would be cool to see a diarama with a Daytona project going on. Have it where someone is parting out the Vega, the nose cone layed out next to a Charger, maybe even a computer monitor on a work table with the Charger forum on the screen.   :icon_smile_big:
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I still find it funny that Vega parts are used to make a Daytona... :icon_smile_tongue:
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