Correct Carb for 69 440
Does anyone know what the correct carburetor would be for a 1969 440 with auto and A/C. Thanks for your help. :cheers:
I think the Carter AVS 4640 is the correct one for an automatic with A/C.
Thanks guys, I just checked the base of my carb on my 69 Charger and it reads C1 4640SA. What does the SA stand for? ???

I was thinking about replacing it, but now I'm just going to have it rebuild.   :thumbs:
I don't know what the "S" stands for, but it is pretty-well universally stamped on Chrysler's Carter carbs from the musclecar era.

The following info I gleaned from a long conversation with Dick Katter, who knows a heck of a lot about carbs and restores all of Roger Gibson's carbs for him:

The "A" suffix has to do with what version of that particular carburetor you have.   Throughout the run of a particular carburetor (usually just spanning one model year) they may have made one or more revisions to it.   For instance, the 4617S carb that came on '69 440 manual trans cars had a revision made to it sometime in early 1969.   Sometime after January, all carburetors were stamped with 4617SA, denoting the fact that they contained the revisions - whatever they were.   One change I know was made is that 4617SA carbs had adjustable idle screws, whereas a 4617S had non-adjustables.   They could have made a group of changes at one time - but as long as the changes were made at the same time, the group of changes/revisions was indicated by the same (single) suffix.

All carburetors produced after the revisions were introduced are then built and stamped according to the latest-and-greatest revision.   This has led to the common misconception (that I held for a long time too, I might add) that an "A" suffix indicated that a carb had to be a service-replacement part.   While it is true that carburetors built and sold as service-replacement parts after the model year ended did contain any revisions not included in early-issue carburetors (such as adjustable idle screws, etc.), there were definitely carburetor revisions made during a particular model year run.   As such, the presence of a suffix does NOT automatically mandate that the carb is a service-replacement part.   That is best indicated by the date code.

It is possible that Carter and/or Chrysler made multiple, separate changes or groups of changes to a particular carb, meaning that a carburetor might bear a xxxxSB, SC, etc.     Mr. Katter hadn't heard of too many instances where they did a second revision, but he said it was possible.   Chrysler was constantly changing their carburetor applications, so they didn't make too many revisions to a carburetor that would be obsoleted within a year's time anyway.

Rob, I suppose you've already figured out that your carb was manufactured in March of 1971 (C1), which would definitely mean that it would have been made to whatever revised standard that Carter/Chrysler had made.   Hence the "SA" suffix.   Although that's a service-replacement carb, it is the right part number for a 440/auto/AC car (as Ty already stated).

Hope this helps!!!

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