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69 Daytona: gear swap

Started by hemi68charger, August 14, 2022, 03:19:28 PM

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Operation Dana-back-in:
Many thanks to Dave Points for coming over today to help reinstall the Dana back into the Daytona, went pretty smoothly. Swapped out the original 4.10s for 3.54s from Doctor Diff. With the 3.54s and the GearVendor I should be able to cruise on down the highway even better. While I was at it tried to give extra detail with the part number tape, stencil, etc.. Remaining old school with the chrome Dana cover
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You will be a happier cruiser with those gears and the G. V.  overdrive.

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Hi hemi68charger,                18 August 2022

Have a similar projest coming up; have to swap the Dana 4:10 back into the 69 Six Pack Bee that has languished in our 68 RR 53 years. The SB currently has the RR's 4:89 8 3/4 which will get a new gear, hopefully a 2:76 if it will fit in the 8 3/4.

Not looking forward to the job.

Your photo of your Dana sitting in a skate sitting atop the floor jack is a great help. When we swapped them 53 years ago we did the swap with the tires still on the third members. It was easy back then; 53 years younger and good knees.

Thanks for your post.

Best Always

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