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Barn Finds

Started by 440mop, April 03, 2010, 05:23:35 PM

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I saw this link on the Mopar Muscle Association site from the U.K.
Is it a known Daytona?
440 4spd Daytona - Sold
Auckland New Zealand


440 4spd Daytona - Sold
Auckland New Zealand


Yes it is.
One of the now 5 Q5 Daytonas
440, 4-Speed, Black interior, original drivetrain is long gone. When the current owner purchased it the car had a 340 and an automatic!

Scott Faulkner

Smokey Bear

You hate to see it all just sitting there and that he will never get to it all, but at least he's one of the horders that has the stuff where it's being preserved instead of rotting away. Future projects for the next generation. Cool.