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Metal protection spray from rust.

Started by 1970Moparmann, May 31, 2010, 09:00:33 PM

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I may have had a dream about this a while ago but I thought I read here about a Napa metal clear protection spray that you can put on bolts and bar metal to protect from rust?  Is there a such animal - been searching for an hour on Napa and google for something.

Thanks! :2thumbs:
My name is Mike and I'm a Moparholic!


I use Purple Power De-Ruster Metal Conditioner/Rust Preventer on my fresh 4x10 sheets of cold rolled steel, it works pretty good, for finished parts and welds I use Picklex20, but the Purple Power stuff does it's job well, if you don't want to spend $140 a gallon for Picklex

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Don't most bolts come zinc plated already?


I was working on my sisters Charger yesterday and was under the car for hours.  Basically, all the bolts on the under carriage looked like hell.  That made me think about that previous post that I thought I saw.

I'll check out The Purple Power! Thanks. :2thumbs:
My name is Mike and I'm a Moparholic!


I used Evaporust to derust my bolts (they were fairly clean and rust free to begin with) and then had them zinc plated in black. Looks really nice, is not expensive and prevents rust!   :2thumbs: