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2020HP-Pro Street Daytona Clone

Started by 1meanfish, August 04, 2010, 10:45:06 AM

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Deffo looks like an ELEPHANT motor now with that supersonic intake tube! :smilielol:

No Hood , no DRIVE?
Whose gonna catch you fella???

I heard from my old mate Tom Nelson, anything over 1000hp on da street is lost in tyre smoke... :drive: :drive: :drive:

A 1000hp in my Street legal 68 Dart made 180mph @ 8.2 on da 1320, pump gas and street tyres...imagine doing that on da street...

The mind boggles... :D :D :D
Fixed headlights 500's are the FIRST Aero's, and the rarest!


What do the Keith Black 426 Hemi's dragster/rail cars make in HP ?