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Hi guys,

I am about to get a new 22 inch radiator and shroud for my 69 in a C500. Engine is a stock 440/727, non air car. Original radiator is long gone but was a 2949 053. The radiator I have lined up is a US radiators, as sold at Cool Craft. Copper 3 core, high efficiency. http://www.coolcraft.com/radiators/dodge/charger/1969/035219nhe.html

First Question...Would my car likely have come with a shroud? I will get one anyway. The shroud I'm looking at is from Dante's:

"130" - 22" B & C-Body Radiator Fan Shroud - $175 each
An excellent reproduction of the 1969 B- & C-Body 22" V-8 radiator fan shroud.  Original part number 2949 130.  Correct for 1969 440 powered cars with 22" radiator including Chargers, R/T's, GTX's, and various C-Body models.   Injection molded with all of the details of an original part: http://dantesparts.com/fanshroud.html

Second question...Do I need to get a fan shroud mounting bracket kit from somewhere like Dantes?  :"9176" - Fan Shroud Mounting Bracket Kit - $75 per Kit
The kit includes (2) powder coated formed steel brackets, (4) correct 1/4-20 cage nuts for the radiator side brackets, and (4) 1/4-20 x 1/2" hex head coni sems bolts to mount the brackets to the radiator.  Used on 1969-73 B-Body and all E-Body cars with the 2949 130 or 2998 328 fan shroud and 22" radiator.  Also used on 1969-72 C-Body cars and 1972-79 Dodge trucks with 22" radiator.   I'm a little surprised a mounting kit is required.

And...does anyone have experience with how good the fitting is between the repro shrouds and radiators? Any other comments welcomed....

Well, since I went through the same thing trying to find an original 053 Rad for my charger I got pretty knowledgeable on it.  According to the factory service manual, if you got the 22" rad in a 383 - 4 bbl, and a MANUAL trans, you got just the radiator and NO fan shroud.  You also got the fixed 7 blade fan.  Now if you got the 440 with automatic, you then got the same rad and fan as above but now you GOT the fan shroud.  Why did Mopar do it like that?  Dunno, stupid if you ask me.  However, if you got an axle package, you were automatically upgraded to the 26" rad. or same if you got A/C, you automatically got the 26" rad.

As for the fan shroud, yes, you will need to get the mounting brackets for it in order to mount the shroud to the rad.  I have heard way too many people having problems with the repro fan shrouds that are a more grayish color than what the original black ones were.  The problems people had with the repro was that the top piece that goes above the fan would start to sag either from production error or just from wrong material in making the mold.  I was lucky to find an original out in Carlisle in July from Glen-Ray radiators.  I only got the shrould since I notice in my 383 4 bbl with the 4 spd, if I get stuck in traffic, the temp really creaps up.  I know a shroud would dramatically help cool in those conditions.  That was the only reason why I picked one up for me.  For the price of what a repro is, you are better off trying to find an original for a couple bucks more like I did.

I tend to agree with resq although my situation is a bit different. My 68 383 2bbl 4speed came with no shroud and a fixed seven blade fan similar to what he found. Not that it would hurt to have one and as you pointed out you're not using a stock radiator so you probably aren't worried about originality.

As far as mounting hardware I would think Coolcraft or Dante's would have something for you.

Thanks for the info guys, very helpful.

I have ordered the new radiator from Cool Craft and have the mounting brackets and shroud coming too. I looked for an original radiator and shroud, but couldn't find any! Got those from Mancinis in the end. Time was against me.

I wasn't too worried about it not being the 'correct' radiator. Would prefer if it was, but at least it's not going to be an aluminium one sitting in there.


Like I said with the repro fan shrouds, be very careful about the warping otherwise you will destroy your fan also.  Ive heard two people so far that had been out for a drive and had the thing heat up and warp and cause interference with the fan.  They had to cut the part of the shroud off in order to keep driving.


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