My Rallye dash project for today.

Started by TruckDriver, December 25, 2005, 07:43:05 PM

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Well, I got bord, so I decided to start my dash swapping. Since my car has the generic Rallye dash, I was going to put a clock in it til I scored a dash with a tach. So, I had 2 complete Rallye dashes, one with a clock, one with a tach., and 2 metal dash frame housings. One with the hard to find NON busted off radio hanger, and one with the hanger busted off (for parts). And I also had extra oil pressure & fuel gauge, and a extra water temp & alt. gauges. And, yes, it took a little of everything to make the one good tach dash that is going in my car. Both of the complete dashes I started with, have the tabs for the radio broke off, and rusted/corroded alt. gauge studs. So, I pulled the tach from the dash it was in, as well as the fuel/oil pressure gauge(so I didn't have to use my spare), put it onto the good housing. Then I took a good spare alt/water temp gauge, and installed it too. I also had to keep the gauge cover of the one dash as the one in my Charger is different for a non tac/clock dash. It took about 2-1/2 hours to do. In case you ask why didn't I clean the inside of the good housing? I figured, why bother, you can't see it once the dash is complete anyway. I did clean the lenses though. When its warm enough to work outside (since I have no garage), I'll pull the original dash so I can transfer my 150mph speedo. The others are only 120mph speedos. So, you confused yet?   No?, well I am cause I just realized I put this on the wrong board ::) :P  Sorry Troy.

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