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Does the vinyl top fabric go UNDER the rear window & trim or next to????

Started by Mfr426, January 13, 2006, 03:59:44 PM

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Hello all, I am FINALLY going to have the glass company come out to  the house and and remove and then reinstall the rear window with the correct thickness butyl caulk. I had it done last year and they used a caulk that was too thick and my spears overlapped my rear window trim to the point that it looked REALLY BAD. The bottom line was the the window was sitting out too far. So, when we remove the rear trim and window I want to make sure whether or not the vinyl fabric should be under the window. That could be causing the window to stick out (compounded by too thick of caulk).

Can anyone confirm if when a new vinyl top is installed if it should go all the way down the sail panel and then also be on the lip that that window rests on? Or, should it be cut right at the corner so that it does not sit under the window????

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Mike R


I would not put the vinyl top material under the butyl. When I had mine done the vinyl was brought up to the pinchweld that the window sits in. This was done by a "pro" so I think it is the proper way. Otherwise, I would worry about leaks and the butyl not adhering properly.
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Good point 69. I do not know for sure which way it is and wont until we pull out the window.

Thanks for the comments.

Mike R


694spd is right. the vinyl cannot be under the butul. my window installer had  me trim back spots he thought were to close, he then used a primer on the lip before app ling the butyl.

when they come out i would have your trim ready to install so they can adjust right then.
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Not the sail panel, but this is a good shot at the top.  It might help you, the cut off was pretty uniform all the way around.


Here is another.  It shows the bottom clip that spaces the glass up from the bottom edge.  Clearly no vinyl under or even very close to the sealant.


That's pefect HeavyFuel--THANKS!!!  Anyone know the correct thickness of the butyl?

Hey Sharpspike, check this out. This is the same glass company that did my rear window the first time AND my windshield in the same visit. Some butthead knicked my NEW PAINT right at the front edge of the hood while it was in their shop. They made good and it cost them like $400 to get fixed correctly. The work I had done was about $250 so they went backwards (via their insurance) by $150 on that deal. The good news is that they admitted it and DID pay.

I'm having them come here to my garage to do the work. I'll have better control of things. I have all sorts of blankets and cardboard on the car to prevent anymore screwups. I will have the trim handy this time so that they can make sure it's the right thickness. Shame on me for NOT doing that last time.

Thanks all.